The Best Metabolism Boosters

Metabolism boosters can help individuals maintain or even increase their metabolic rate. This can help result in burning calories more efficiently which can help promote faster weight loss. There are three main approaches to increasing the metabolism: eating metabolism boosting foods, exercising, and the use of HGH supplements.

Metabolism Boosting Foods:

By ensuring that the following foods are a regular part of a person’s diet they will help increase metabolic rates significantly. By increasing intake of certain foods the metabolism can speed up and work more efficiently. These foods include: calcium, green leafy vegetables, nuts, fish oil, garlic, spices, lean protein, apples, green tea and water. All of these foods have excellent metabolic properties ranging from efficient fat burners to body temperature regulation.

Exercises that will help boost the metabolism:

There are several types of exercises that can be implemented into everyday life to help increase the metabolism. When exercise is combined with a healthy diet results can be seen very quickly. These exercises include thirty to sixty minutes of aerobic exercise performed preferably first thing in the morning. Individuals may select from running, swimming, basketball, jumping rope, fast walking or even dancing. Resistance training is also an excellent way to boost metabolism, and when combined with cardio it will do wonders for the body.

When resistance training is performed for at least one hour a day metabolic rates can increase as much as fifteen percent!

Metabolism Boosters – HGH Supplements

HGH (human growth hormone) is responsible for muscle repair, cell regeneration in the muscles, bones and vital organs. It also helps to support the immune system in fighting diseases and infections. HGH supplements can be found in two common forms: pills and oral sprays.

The benefits of natural HGH supplements as metabolism boosters include the following: stimulating the body’s natural production of HGH, controlling the blood pressure, balancing cholesterol levels, increasing lean muscle mass, increasing energy, stamina and vigor, speeding up the metabolism rate, decreasing the bodies excess fat levels and helping to reduce memory lapse while increasing mental capacity. By combining these three methods one can effectively boost their metabolic rate and achieve their health and fitness goals.