GHR1000 Benefits

Extending Your Age

GHR1000 uses only natural ingredients that act along natural pathways to stimulate the brain to increase natural HGH production.

This means any benefits are completely natural and serve to enhance your own youthful potential.

GHR1000 Muscle Development

GHR1000 Muscle Development

Cellular Regeneration

In youth, HGH helps to regulate biological processes that repair damaged cells and create fresh, healthy ones. This is important in keeping all our organs and tissues in peak condition, leading to a youthful appearance and healthy immunity. If levels of natural HGH levels rise, it increases the effectiveness of cellular regeneration. Which means signs of aging can be delayed or even reversed!

Muscle Development and Recovery

HGH is closely associated with the process of protein synthesis. This is at the heart of creating new muscle cells and repairing old or damaged ones. As GHR1000 increases natural HGH levels, muscle development is increased. This means any weight training can lead to greater bulk, strength, and endurance. Your body’s ability to heal torn muscles after a workout is also improved. This means an easier, faster recovery after intense exercise.

GHR1000 - You can do it!

GHR1000 - You can do it!


The ingredients used in GHR1000 also help to promote relaxed and healthy deep sleep patterns. This is important in allowing the body and mind to rest and recover completely from day-to-day stress. Increased HGH levels during night can also help to regulate the natural bio-rhythms of the body. This is important in maintaining the long-term effects of GHR1000 benefits.

Lean Muscle Development

A good fitness program helps to increase lean muscle mass and decrease excess body weight. GHR1000 can enhance this effect by increasing HGH levels and promoting the body’s ability to gain from exercise. The natural ingredients help to improve the body mass index (BMI), since muscles burn more calories than fat.

Get the Best from GHR1000

Like any other proprietary supplement, GHR1000 needs to be used effectively for maximum benefits.

Serving Size: 3 tablets of GHR1000 need to be taken once a day, preferably just before sleep. These tablets can also be crushed and mixed with water before swallowing. GHR1000 uses extended release tablets for maximum efficiency.

Exercise: It is recommended to include an exercise plan to gain the best results from GHR1000 use. Weight training can help optimize muscle development, while cardiovascular training improves the benefits of increased stamina and endurance. A sensible diet is also useful in getting the best out of GHR1000 supplements.